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Setting up hot desk locations

Robert Weeks
posted this on 11 February 2013, 16:35

Hot desking allows you to setup a VoIP phone as a hot desk location, and then login and out of your extension from that phone. This means that if you wish employees to frequently work from different desks or even different locations they only need to remember their seven digit extension and voicemail PIN code to use their extension, as opposed to having to access the phone configuration screen and setup their extension.

Creating a new hot desk location

To create a new hot desk location first click on Hot Desk Locations from the top menu of your control panel.



Use the Create Hot Desk Location box to set up your new hot desk.



Select an unused internal number on your account and enter a descriptive name for it. Select the address that the hot desk will be located at in the location dropdown field. Please ensure that this is set accurately in case the user of the hot desk needs to make a call to the emergency services.

(n.b. If the location information of the extension and hot desk location differs, the hot desk location will be used if an emergency call is made)

Once you click Create the password for the hot desk location will be displayed. This needs to be entered into your VoIP device to register the location. The process for setting this up is exactly the same as for a regular extension.

Configuring extensions to allow hot desking

You need to authorise an extension to use the hot desking functionality. To do this, simply find it on the Extensions page (navigate to Extensions underneath the Configure menu at the top of your control panel) and scroll to the Hot Desk Configuration section.



Ensure that Allow hot desk login is ticked, and it will then be authorised to use hot desk locations..

If a phone is being used at a hot desk location then it will show in the Logged in at hot desk location area.

Logging in to a hot desk

Once an extension is authorised to use hot desking, a user simply needs to dial *0 on the hot desk phone, and then press zero when prompted to login.

They will need to know their seven digit extension number and voicemail PIN (this can be found on the extension configuration page).

To log out of a hot desk location, simply dial *0, and then press zero when prompted.

If a user is logged in to a hot desk location, you will see this from the Hot Desk Locations page.


What happens if a user logs in at a second location?

If a user who was logged in at a hot desk location logs into another location, they will be logged out from the first one.

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