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How to set up your Thomson TG585 router

Robert Weeks
posted this on 19 February 2013, 12:47

You can use the guide below for a simple introduction to your new Thomson TG585 router. It will help you set it up step by step, as well as some simple fault diagnosis using the LED lights on the top of your router. There are also written instructions below the guide if you need to print a copy for future reference.

Setting up your router

1. Unpack the contents of the box, together with the router, power supply, filters and cables and connect them.

2. Plug the grey ADSL cable into the routers DSL socket, then connect the other end of the cable to one of the supplied ADSL filters and plug the filter into your BT socket.

3. Connect your PC's and any other networking equipment to the yellow Ethernet sockets.

4. Switch the power on and leave the router to initialise, the lights on the front of the router will flash as the device is powering up.

Using your router

Your ADSL router will of been dispatched pre-configured with your connection details and should not need to be changed unless advised by our customer services team.

You should wait for the Internet light on your router to become Green, once the light has changed to Green this indicates that a connection has been made with our network, you should now be able to enjoy your new connection provided by Gradwell.

Advanced settings and troubleshooting

The Thomson TG585 can communicate its status using the lights on the front of the device, the table below shows the status of the lights:

Power Green On Power on, normal
  Red On Power on, self test fialed
  Orange On Rebooting/powering up
  Off Off Power off
Ethernet Green Blinking LAN device active
    On LAN device connected
  Off Off No LAN device connected
WLAN Green Blinking Wireless activity, WPA encryption
    On No wireless activity, WPA encryption
  Amber Blinking Wireless activity, WEP encryption
    On No wireless activity, WEP encryption
  Red Blinking Wireless activity, no encrypion
    On No wireless activity, no encryption
  Red/green Cycling Wireless registering
  Off Off Wireless disabled
DSL Green Blinking Attempting sync
    On DSL in sync
  Off Off No DSL present, check cabling or contact ISP
Internet Green Blinking Internet active
    On Internet connected, no activity
  Red On Internet failed, contact ISP
  Off Off No Internet connection, contact ISP
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